Killbak Cloths


Includes 2 clothes per pack.

The Killbak® cloth maintains its antibacterial properties even after 80 washes. There is no need to machine wash the cloth unless it gets very dirty. You can put the Killbak® cloth into a washing machine and wash at 60oC without affecting the performance of the cloth.

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The amazing anti-bacterial cleaning cloth helps solve the problem of cross-contamination when cleaning.


Looking after your Killbak® cloth could not be easier. You do not need any chemicals or cleaning fluids, all you need is to wet the cloth with water. Wring the water from the cloth until it is damp. The water will make the cloth soft and allows the activation of the silver ions when cleaning surfaces. Simply wipe the surfaces with the wet cloth and allow to dry.

The cloth can become rigid when dry so before each use, simply wet the cloth with water and ring-out.

Even after use, the Killbak® cloth does not smell, this is due to its anti-bacterial and bioactive properties that prevent the growth of germs on the cloth and its ability to starve bacteria.

Additional information

Weight .54 g
Dimensions 25 × 22 × 3 cm

2 cloths per pack