We can cater to your business’s needs; with a variety of sizes, shapes and design options available

Full Colour

Magnets need to be bright and vibrant, so our full colour prints provide you with products that inevitably attract attention

Easy to Remove

Our Magnets are long-lasting and of great quality, but the bonus is that they can be removed without any permanent damage

High Quality Standards

Warnstar Sign and Print uses only the best, so that your product can be the professional extension of your business you want it to be

Magnets Print

Magnets are the perfect solution if you have a metal space that you want to advertise on; whether it’s for advertising on a van, or magnetic business cards as that noteworthy extra to make your business stand out. Our Magnets are available for indoor or outdoor use, as they are long-lasting and durable in quality – they are also perfect for temporary advertising or for situations in which you need a flexible location. Not always the first marketing choice for businesses, but nevertheless a clever one and something a little different, our Magnets are a premium solution for your businesses advertising needs.
  • Vehicle Magnets 99% 99%
  • Temporary Signage 99% 99%
  • Personalised Products 80% 80%
  • Fridge Magnets 85% 85%
  • Other Commercial Use 50% 50%

Interested in our Magnets Design Service?

If Magnets are something that your business could be interested in, but you are unsure where to start, then we can take care of the entire Design & Print Service for you. Our experience in design and marketing means we can produce a design that will be eye-catching and original, and we can work with your target audience, brand values and objectives in mind to produce the inspiring product that you have in mind. Warnstar Sign and Print uses a state of the art Design Studio using the latest Adobe software and Apple technology as well as our creative heads so you can be sure that we combine the best tools to design your new Floor Graphics.

Does this sound like something your business needs?

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